UIU MARS ROVER TEAM, one of the most discussed topic in today’s Bangladesh. Why’s that? If you’re someone who is really interested in technology, robotics or just someone who is aware of what’s going on around the world you’ll know about them. 

UIU MARS ROVER TEAM are those spirited souls who made BANGLADESH proud by being ASIAN CHAMPION and taking the honor of being 9th amongst the top selected teams from different corners of the world at UNIVERSITY ROVER CHALLENGE (URC).  


A team of SRCCFPC just met them and learnt the story of whole breath taking journey of them. Winning a championship from a developing country like Bangladesh where people are so engaged with the problems of daily life, doing something about a planet thousands miles away sounds more like a dream. 

UIU MARS ROVER TEAM didn’t even existed only just three years ago. They just started their journey in mid pandemic of CORONA in 2020. They started with making a little robot to show their teacher. Back then they weren’t even a team. They started as a team of nearly 54 members in 2021. But midway a lot of people gave up, team got small to smaller. Finally the team that survived had only 24 members. But the least 24 who survived, all of them are living GEMS. They’re so passionate about robotics and technology, I heard one of them saying, “I can do it my whole life without taking a single break”. I think you can feel their passion, madness and hunger for achievement from this one sentence. The team of 24 members contains 4 female members also. Which can be really encouraging to the females of Bangladesh. 


They started their journey to be qualified in UNIVERSITY ROVER CHALLENGE 2022(URC). The most amazing part is they got qualified the first year. They not only got qualified, but also they became 13th in the competition among all the team that participated. After that they didn’t stopped but started preparing for the next year competition. They did research, got better, they won over their own self and again participated this year. The rover they presented this year is named “telos” which refers to “COMPLETION”. This year 104 team participated from 15 countries and only 37 of them became qualified. What’s the most thrilling news is they took 4th position among those

Mars Rover

104 teams in qualification round. This year they became the ASIAN CHAMPION and took over the position 9th among the 37 teams that were qualified.  

This journey to international stage made them believe that dedication, hard work is important but what’s more important is TEAMWORK. Director of team UIU Mars Rover Lecturer Akib Zaman told us, “The first step to success is believing in you, believing that you can do it, you can make you dream to the world’s reality.” These words inspires the members of SRCCFPC. We believe we can do it, we can become someone who’ll once make our country proud. 

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