Syeda khanum the History of Bangladesh female photographer

Today I’ll talk about Syeda Khanum, one of the inspirations of photography especially for women. Sayeeda Khanom was born on 29th December 1937 in the Pabna District of Bangladesh . At an early age, she got a Rolleicord camera from her elder sister and became interested in photography after that. She was a self-educated photographer that she learned by reading foreign magazines. She was the only female photographer at that time in Bangladesh .She started taking photos at the age of 12 in 1949. In 1956 she started her career as a photographer in the first Women’s Weekly of Bangladesh. During this year she participated in an International Photo Exhibition for the first time in her life.

After that, her photos were exhibited in various countries e.g France, Japan, Turkey, Cyprus, Sweden, Pakistan, India, USA. She made several Solo exhibitions with her photos of Satyajit Ray and Mother Teresa. She worked as a photographer in 3 movies of Satyajit Ray that was a rare experience for any photographer of the world.Her photos were published in the media of home and abroad. As a photographer, she got many prizes and awards from different countries like as UNESCO award, Japan Ananya Top Ten Awards,Begum magazine’s 50th anniversary award,Honorary Fellow of Bangladesh Photographic Society,Ekushey Padak etc. Photography for women in present Bangladesh is very easy and a normal thing. Photography as a career for women now is not any hard thing at all. But the time of Sayeeda Khanom was different and difficult. The woman who started out with the determination to capture history has now become an undeniable part of Bangladesh’s photographic history.

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