Happy World Photography Day

HAPPY WORLD PHOTOGRAPHY DAY! August 19, remarked as World Photography Day, is an annual, global celebration of the art craft, science, and history of photography. World Photography Day originated after the invention of the “Daguerreotype”. It is a photographic process that came out in 1837 by Frenchman Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce. They referred to the “photography” process as “Daguerreotype” and “Heliography”. They afterward gifted the process to the world on 19 August 1839. World Photography Day as we know it now didn’t take hold up till 1991, by the beginning of 1991 everyone took a consentaneous decision and started celebrating World Photography Day. Once again, Happy world photography day! On this special day, we are featuring some behind the scenes sent by some of the most talented photographers in Bangladesh who are constantly working behind the camera and edifying the future of photography in Bangladesh!

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Golam Kashem Daddy

Capturing Life’s Essence Through the Lens: The Artistry of Golam Kashem Introduction: In the realm of photography, there are  those who capture moments, emotions, and stories. Golam Kashem undoubtedly belongs to the latter category. With his exceptional talent, keen eye for detail, and a passion for storytelling through visuals, Kashem has carved a niche for

Zahir Raihan: A Tribute to a Bengali Icon

Zahir Raihan was a Bangladeshi novelist, writer, and filmmaker. He is considered one of the most influential figures in Bengali culture, and his work has had a profound impact on the development of Bangladeshi cinema. Raihan was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on August 19, 1935. He studied law at the University of Dhaka, but he

Syeda khanum the History of Bangladesh female photographer

Today I’ll talk about Syeda Khanum, one of the inspirations of photography especially for women. Sayeeda Khanom was born on 29th December 1937 in the Pabna District of Bangladesh . At an early age, she got a Rolleicord camera from her elder sister and became interested in photography after that. She was a self-educated photographer