Bangladesh Space Olympiad Dhaka, Bangladesh 

The Bangladesh Space Research Society (BSRS) is organizing the first-ever Bangladesh Space Olympiad (BSO) in a landmark event for the nation’s scientific aspiration. The BSO aims to inspire and nurture young minds in the field of space exploration and technology. It will be vital for the future of Bangladesh. Core events : 1st and 2nd national astro carnival


The Olympiad is being jointly organized by the BSRS. It will be held over several days with participation from over 1,000 renowned institutions from 8 districts of Bangladesh. The event will provide a platform for students to showcase their latent talent in space and cosmology, and to compete for prizes.

Bangladesh Space Olympiad

The BSO is a major step forward for Bangladesh in its efforts to become a leading player in the field of space exploration. The event will help to raise awareness of space science among the general public and inspire young people to pursue careers in this field. It will also help to build a strong foundation for future space research and development in Bangladesh.

The BSO is a true landmark event for Bangladesh, and it is sure to have a lasting impact on the nation’s scientific aspiration. I urge all students who are interested in space science to participate in this event. And to help Bangladesh take its rightful place among the leading spacefaring nations of the world.


 It’s not new that BSRS is organizing this kind of event. They have already organized three big events this year. The events were; 1. “Quiz champs” at Islamic International School & College. 2. “স্বাধীনতার চিত্র” at NICE school & college. 3. “16 HGS Festival De La Cerativite” at SOS Hermann Gmeiner College.It appears that they possess a great deal of knowledge and skill in organizing space and science-related events. 

Have you heard of the Space Olympiad? It’s an exciting event that introduces us to the wonders of the cosmos, including stars, planets, and much more. With so much to learn about space, it’s no wonder that the observable universe has a radius of 46.508 billion light years. Our education system often overlooks these fascinating topics, so students must seize the opportunity to attend the Space Olympiad and expand their knowledge. Don’t let this incredible event go to waste!

Who are inviting?

Every student from different institutions is cordially invited to this event by the organizations. The venue of this event is the Independent University, Bangladesh. The starting date of this event is 5 August 2023.

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