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StarLink The world is getting Modern day by day by the grace of technology. If you are connected with the internet you have most probably heard the name of Elon Musk. The founder of satellite company SpaceX. He is not only the founder of SpaceX but also co-founder of Tesla and owner of Twitter and many more. Elon musk has changed the world by his extraordinary innovation of technology. From sending satellites to inventing Modern electric cars. Now he has launched a Internet service via satellite named StarLink.


One of the key advantages of Starlink is its scalability. With plans to launch tens of thousands of satellites into orbit, it has the potential to provide ubiquitous internet coverage even in densely populated areas where traditional infrastructure may be lacking or overloaded.


Starlink is the name of a satellite network developed by the well renowned company SpaceX. It will cost low cost internet to remote locations. It will provide satellite internet access coverage to over 60 countries. Starlink also aims for global mobile phone service after 2023. SpaceX launched StarLink Satellites in 2019. As of 2023 starlink consists of over 4000 mass-produced small satellites in low earth orbital.

Starlink has planned to develop near 12000 satellites. It has also reached 1.5 million subscribers in may 2023. It has started taking pre-orders from 32 different countries. surprisingly Bangladesh is also in the list. Our country people are not connect with fast internet service. This is a great Problem in this Modern era. As a Bangladesh we also want to experience the fast internet service to communicate with the global world much faster than before. As Starlink in launching the internet service in Bangladesh. We the people of our country will step ahead with the modern world by getting in touch of the Satellite Internet Service. After that many of our problems will be solved. Read More

Writer: Shihab Sarar Udoy

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