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About Us

SRCC Film And Photography Club (SRCCFPC) started their journey as a club of Shaheed Ramizuddin Cantonment College on 27th October 2018. SRCCFPC was just a tiny club back then. People merely knew us. But things turned out different when the founder members back then started to show their talents. Day by day people started to notice us, know about us and remember us. From the day we started to now we have our principal Noor Naher Yeasmin mam as our respected Moderator and our beloved lecturer Hossain Mahmud Sir as our Co-moderator.

We SRCCFPC are the only media partner of Shaheed Ramizuddin Cantonment College. Our talented and skillful members successfully covers all the programs with professionalism that college holds. SRCCFPC started as SRCCPC then we added film to our name as film is a modern form of art. We don’t want to miss out any form of art and creativity. We started as film and photography club on 1st October 2022. We love researching about new and old legendary movies. Our member are also perfect at script writing and cinematography.

We encourage our members to publish their creative works and cherish the individual talent hidden in each and every member. SRCCFPC successfully arranges photowalks and workshops within club. We join a lot of fest and have won tons of championships. We already have 7 national and many more intra championships. We never only think about our club, we grow together with our college. We have successfully reached all the present and former students of our college and people connected with them through our official facebook page. Thus we can now announce that we are the biggest club of Shaheed Ramizuddin Cantonment College and have successfully built the biggest online community through our online platform. Now we can finally announce that we are proud to be SRRCFPCIAN!! SRCC Film And Photography Club Where canvas comes alive.

OUR vision

We SRCC film and Photography club are a club that firmly belief in digitalization and likes to keep themselves updated. We always try to keep up with the next world. We highly cherish creative forms of arts. Our vision is to represent our club, our college, our country to international world. We always keep creativity and international trends before everything and try to develop our skills according audiences preferences.


Youths are that souls who thrives for creativity, arts and experiments. These kids from SRCCFPC has taken over one of the biggest responsibility by being the only media partner of the college and have been fulfilling it with the highest possible professionalism and skill. They have made us proud so many times. They have made college proud and made a history of winning highest championships nationally and internationally among all the clubs. They have successfully now established one of the most well-known photography club. They have a lot more to go through. Best of luck to these young creative souls. We are very proud to announce SRCCFPC as one of the most precious clubs of the college.
Shaheed Ramiz Uddin Cantonment College
ICT Lecturer


SRCCFPC always reminds me of my youth, the youth that was experimental, that was full of excitement. Every time they find something new to try, some new experiment on something and I can never deny to their excited eyes. They takes every responsibility so seriously that amazes me. Every time they’re trying something or participating in any sort of fests or competition believe me they won’t disappoint you. No matter what they do they never sacrifices their or college’s dignity. They’re so well-behaved and disciplined that I never get disappointed believing in them.
ICT Lecturer,
Shaheed Ramiz Uddin Cantonment College


I believe in the fact that a students who aren’t engaged with any club haven’t really experienced the real college life. But these kids from SRCCFPC have taken clubbing to another level. They’re not taking it as some normal college experience rather they’re representing their club and college to the people, to the country and somehow to the entire world.

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